Moto Guzzi, a Classic Motorcycle

In a highly competitive motorcycle market with very fierce world competition, especially from Japan, Moto Guzzi has managed to hold its own and continue to develop. One of the major reasons for this has been the ability of Moto Guzzi to constantly adapt and innovate. It has worked closely with the University of Perugia on research into aerodynamics. This is linked to the extensive use of wind tunnels. Now part of the Italian Piaggio group of companies, Moto Guzzi has been noted for continual innovation in engine designs and configurations. Therefore, moto Guzzi in London has a number of Moto Guzzi motorbikes on offer.

The Range of New Moto Guzzi Bikes on Offer

The are four main classes of motorbikes available, Custom, Touring, Naked and Enduro.

To look at an example of a motorcycle in each group:


California 1400 Touring

This has a 4 valve, 4 stroke, double ignition 1400cc engine. There is also a 6-speed transmission combined with a final overdrive.

This is very much a touring bike. The use of chrome and the “patrol” windscreen, conjures up an image of the past. This bike was inspired by the “classic” Californian Highway Patrol motorbike. However, this motorcycle does have a 35-litre panniers. There is cruise control and an anti-locking device. It has one of the largest European “V” twin engines.


Norge 1200 T

This motorbike has a “V8” shaped, 4 stroke transverse twin-cylinder 1200cc engine along with a 6-speed transmission. An earlier version was used by both the police forces of Milan and Berlin. There is a new engine configuration in this current version. This has allowed for a more compact cylinder unit and crankshaft. In turn, this has resulted in new fairing (a shell placed over the frame of a motorbike) and chassis design. Further refinements include more efficient heat dissipation combined with enhanced thermal insulation. There is a “marriage” between the form and the function in this motorbike. Technological advances are combined with aerodynamic design. The ergonomics of the design are enhanced by this constant technical innovation.


2016 V9 Roamer

The next motorbike on offer from motto guzzi in London is the 2016 V9 Roamer. This motorcycle has been designed by the Piaggio Group Style centre with an input from the Piaggio Advanced Design Centre (PADC) in California. Again this is the link to the American motorbike design classics of the mid 20th century. The engine is an 850 cc (displacement 853cc) “V” twin, two valves per cylinder, 4 stroke engine.

Another feature of Motto Guzzi motorbikes overall has been the efforts made to reduce the weight of the bikes. This will also improve performance. With this V9 mid-size motorbike, the overall weight is 200Kg.


Stelvio ABS 1200

This has a 1200c four-stroke V-twin engine. It also has a large 32-litre fuel tank. Both the fuel tank and fairings have been integrated to give a streamline effect. This has been carried through to the front headlights.

Another feature of any moto guzzi in London is the advances in electronics. For example, this engine uses an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to regulate the throttle control during lower to mid-range power delivery. This helps to keep engine noise down and produces a smoother performance.

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